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Travel around the Globes, under the Seas, into Outer Space… and Beyond! Get ready for a great adventure! An adventure game where your choices will control their story. Release soon.

Fynn and Trixie will be transported to a new unknown galaxy by chasing the Commander Vargas (played by Manuel Ferrara) but slightly out of time! They will have to manage to find Vargas and especially save Krieger, a mad genius who was kidnapped. On the way they will meet both allies and enemies of all kinds!


Starflint the Blackhole Prophecy is a point and click game, revisited and modernized in its gameplay and its operation, with platform phases.

The player must interact with the environment, collect and use objects on the set, solve riddles and puzzles in order to move forward in the story.

Dynamic dialogues, focused on history or the various secondary quests. No multiple choices of dialogues that, although often funny, wasted time and brought nothing to the story. There your actions will unlock new topics or dialogues with the different characters you will meet, and who knows, you may be more than friends!


Explore the universe aboard your ship on a large space map where you will move freely from planets to planets. Each planet, with its particular atmosphere, will bring its lot of extraterrestrials and humans of all kinds and situations that may give rise to different relationships between the player and the characters encountered.

While traveling you will meet many enemies that you can fight ... or not!

Will you choose to ignore or attack the various ships you come across?


Starflint the Blackhole Prophecy will integrate strategic turn-based « 3D » strategic battles (inspired by the Hitman GO game)

You can collect loot during the fight, but also act on enemies, eliminating them among other things! Several different objectives for these fights: to sneak without being seen, to kill all the enemies, to find your way back in a kind of labyrinth ...