Autumn is arrived!

Posted on Monday September 24 2018

Hello everyone!

The summer has been very substantial and we hope you all had a great holiday. Although we did not take a rest, this was the case for all members of the studio!

The new site is finally here and it works since September 1st perfectly. To access it, simply go to this address and log in with your old username and password. For the moment you will have access to most of the features. You will be able to consult the various information concerning the project and leave comments, once connected only.

You can also discover new designs and judge the quality of our work with the new GALLERY section.

The site is translated in both English and French. There may be some errors here and there but we will correct them as soon as they are reported to us ;)

So don't hesitate to let us know!

Another big project has just been completed, the composition of the game's music!
Telis Sotiropoulos, professional composer on the project, did a huge job on the original soundtrack!

Here's for you a mix:

A big thanks to him from all the team for his remarkable work and his great professionalism!! His music will clearly bring another dimension to the game.

We will soon send it to all the contributors who paid for it.

For those who have not had the information yet, we are official partners of Manuel Ferrara!

He will lend his voice to one of the iconic characters in the game and he encourages us on a daily basis. We take the opportunity to thank him warmly for all these kind words and his support.

Another important news ... we have the immense pleasure to welcome on the project the magnificent and talented Kayden Kross!

For those who do not have the pleasure of knowing her yet, Kayden is an American actress / writer who works in the adult film industry. She gave us the great pleasure of accepting to play the role of Trixie in StarFlint! Here is a short video that will reveal her acting and you will be able to realize her immense talent and what she will bring to the project by playing the main female role!

On our side, we have come a long way on the game as we wanted. Here are some sketches just for your eyes!

We are also working on new ideas that we will present very soon. This is something that is important to us since the beginning of the project. We will have something to show you all this in a few weeks, during the month of October if everything goes as we wish.

The studio will also change its name very soon and welcome two new partners who are already actively working on StarFlint! We will have the opportunity to announce it to you very soon too.

Until then we will still have a lot of visual to make you discover on our twitter! So do not hesitate to come and follow us!


Here for the news of this summer! We are starting an equally busy autumn but we will be more present in the coming weeks ;)

Anyway, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Many of you already know that we strive to answer you as soon as possible and always with great pleasure ^.^

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

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Que de belles news dis donc ! :) Merci pour ce condensé, vous avez vraiment bosser à fond. ;3 Et encore une fois, je le redis, la qualité du travail fournie est exemplaire, amha. :D Vivement la suite, ahah ! <3

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