Stellar Map and More

Posted on Tuesday May 22 2018

Dear Backers,

It’s time for a short update on what’s happened in the past few months, and what’s going on with StarFlint.

We work a lot and especially on the stellar map.

As you can see, it will be just huge!

StarFlint Space Map

To be able to offer you this gigantic work, we had to review the artistic direction of StarFlint and opt for an isometric view of our environments.

In this way, we are able to reuse some elements of the backgrounds. And thanks to that, we can now offer you as much and without ever losing in quality!

Where we promised you 8 planets, it is now close to 30 planets that you will have to discover, 80 stellar events and about 50 housing missions.

These will allow you to build your own space base! ^.~

You will be able to move freely on this map using your ship that you can also customize.


In addition, to allow you to customize your heroes to your liking, we decided to work in 3D. So you can change the hair color of Trixie and choose their outfits during the game but we have been careful to keep this 2D aspect that is dear to our hearts!


Enjoy !

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