Manuel Ferrara

Posted on Thursday November 09 2017

I'm very happy to tell you that Manuel Ferrara joins the big StarFlint family!

For those who don't know him yet, Manuel is particularly known as a pornographic actor and French director living in the United States.

But for all fans of video games, fans of manga, many people know him with his Twitch channel and his videos on Youtube.

It's a close acquaintance of our favorite author Anne, so it is a great pleasure to see him join the team.

He will play and lend his voice to one of the big bad guys of the game! Draco Vargas!

But you will not know more for the moment of course, we do not want to spoil you ^.~

And to celebrate his arrival with dignity, here's just for you, one of the future StarFlint t-shirts!

In the end, it's no less than 5 differents t-shirts that I will present to you in the coming weeks.

There will be something for every taste! ^.~

Draco Vargas

Because good news never comes alone and because a beautiful picture is better than a long speech, here's a new concept art just for you!

Today I present you some concepts about the race Mednev, the race of Kilimoko for those who would not have noticed it yet ^.~

PS: For those who have not done so, consider registering on our BLOG DEV!

Enjoy !

Kilimoko race the Mednev


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