StarFlint Funded!!!

Posted on Friday June 23 2017

Thanks everyone for all ❤
We made it together!

We are so happy! Again thank you!!

Now the big things begin!

We have to prepare ourself for a year of intense creation. We have to wait two weeks for the funds but the works are already started. Because of that, we will be less present on social networks but I will always reply to your email of course so don't worry! Now it's time for creation ^.~

In the next few days we will launch the project on backerkit for those who didn't have the chance to support StarFlint. With a paypal system etc. But not with the special backers rewards of course!

You will receive a password to connect to our dev forum when this one will be ready. We want something secure and friendly for all of you so be patient please! I will ask you to use the same nickname as the one on kickstarter but with a different pass of course. It will more easy for us to manage you as you can imagine. On the forum we will show you the progress on the project and you will have some surveys to choose what you prefer for the game during all the development. ^_^

As a reminder, you will receive a survey at the end of the development (so not immediately but in few months ^_^) so that you can choose the rewards you have backed.

Wait and see, I will make a quick update for all of this (forum, backerkit etc.). Anyway we will make an update each month until the end to show you the progress and tell you our decisions ^.^

Kickstarter reports a problem with a large number of bank details. Could you do the necessary otherwise your pledges will not be counted. Those who are concerned have already received an explanatory email. Thank you for your understanding and generosity!

And to finish, we have more than 1000 backers so we will offer to all of you two special wallpapers/posters ready to print!

We love you and we thank you again for your generosity! Thank you for believing in us and StarFlint !!

Take care of you and your loved ones.

-Sue and the team ❤

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