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Travel around the Globes, under the Seas, into Outer Space… and Beyond! Get ready for a great adventure! An great adventure game.

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Fynn and Trixie will be transported to a new unknown galaxy by chasing the Commander Vargas but slightly out of time! They will have to manage to find Vargas and especially save Krieger, a mad genius who was kidnapped. On the way they will meet both allies and enemies of all kinds!


• Various platform scenes from stealth puzzles to run-and-jump reflex sequences.
• 2D/3D colorful environments and 2D characters.
• Fully voiced comic narration dubbed in English and French.
• Point-and-click 2D game revisited and simplified for newcomers.
• Turn-based 3D battles inspired by the Hitman GO game to simulate space combat.
• Fynn is slower but he can count on help from his allies. By pressing a single key the player can instantly switch from one character to another.
• Trixie is fast, being able to wall jump and perform double jumps, she also has the ability to teleport by throwing a mystical orb she found in an alien temple.


StarFlint patch 1.0 is available!

For those who have already traveled through space aboard the Sky Wanderer, come and discover the rest of the adventures of StarFlint. Part two is now available to everyone and is as extensive as the first! In addition to being able to discover all new environments, here is the list of the many changes made by this update:


• Graphical improvement. Graphics completely revised and improved. A version 1.0 with enhanced colors with many visual additions as well as brand new special effects. More colorful, embellished and expanded decorations. Reworked lighting, reflections and more intense light effects.
• Redesigns of the Characters when they appear on the screen during the many dialogues. Bigger and more beautiful, discover your heroes like you've never seen them before.
• Even more stories thanks to new animated comic cutscenes that will immerse you even more in the heart of the story of Fynn and Trixie.


• Total overhaul of the controls (keyboard/mouse/joystick) of the characters, for better immersion and a more pleasant and intuitive handling.
• Total overhaul of the start of the game released this summer with the removal of the first two planets present at the start of the beta and reconstruction of the scenario for a more energetic and dynamic start.
• Improved the movements of the main character Fynn so that he moves faster and jumps higher.
• Added a crew member, Modulo, fully controllable when playing Fynn (2nd part).
• Character switch. By pressing a single button it is now possible to alternate between the controls of Fynn and those of Modulo in real time, thus offering a whole new vision of level design when they are brought together.
• Trixie can now use night vision goggles to thwart the many traps around her (2nd part).
• Addition of many puzzles which will require a good dose of reflection to succeed in thwarting them.
• Get even more of the StarFlint storytelling experience with the new Point and Click Legacy environments in patch 1.0. New planets and new aliens are waiting for you.
• For the less skilled, this version now offers the possibility of skipping a platform scene that might seem too difficult to you in order to go directly to the next one. Accessible from the in-game pause menu.


• Redesign of the interface. Removed in-game HUD for more immersion, replaced with a key summary in the pause menu. Interface fully translated into English and French.


• For a new safer and more reliable backup system, we have completely redesigned the system. Unfortunately this also means that your old saves will no longer be accepted in version 1.0.
• Here is the link to our discord to find all the help possible if you encounter any difficulty during your adventure: https://discord.gg/yBZH4hREgU


Starflint the Blackhole Prophecy will integrate strategic turn-based « 3D » strategic battles (inspired by the Hitman GO game)

You can collect loot during the fight, but also act on enemies, eliminating them among other things! Several different objectives for these fights: to sneak without being seen, to kill all the enemies, to find your way back in a kind of labyrinth ...